Sunday, March 3, 2013

First Subway Ride with Baby

I am contemplating taking my 3 month old on the subway today to meet up with friends. I have been craving a London Fog from Second Cup.

Some of my concerns are:

1. Should I take the stroller or use carrier?

There are cons for both - there are no elevators at the subway station I will be using and we haven't used the carrier that much so she may get a little fussy.

2. What if she cries and gets really upset?

I know I have to get over this anxiety - babies cry and get upset - deal with it!!

3. Breast feeding with a cover!

I am fairly new to breastfeeding, the baby didn't latch until 8 weeks old and most of my breastfeeding has been done at home with the freedom to expose myself. I know a lot of breastfeeding moms will say breastfeed without the cover. Ya that is not going to happen - all the more power to you if you can do this but I think I would be a little self conscious.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Knit Kits

While doing my daily internet surfing I came across a website called Purl Soho.

This website is for a knitting, sewing, craft store in New York City  and they sell products online. Purl Soho also has a blog The Purl Bee which shows projects they have done. There are a lot of great projects that may inspire you to create some amazing things.

Purl Soho has a friendly feel and  feels like they have open arms for someone wanting to learn sewing, knitting or crochet.

It really has a casual feel which I liked. I also liked they have a Learn to Knit Kit.

This kit includes Merino Wool, birch knitting needles and a Learn to Knit Booklet which includes three scarf knitting patterns.

This would make a great gift for someone who ever wanted to try knitting  or for yourself. I am thinking I might buy one for myself and my sister.

Purl Soho - Learn to Knit Kit